Selling properties made seamless & faster than ever

Greyz Seller Desk

Greyz Seller Desk is an innovative platform where property developers/owners can sell their portfolio/properties to Greyzdorf BTR LLC in no time. The platform allows the developers to continuosly monitor and track their sale.

The Greyz Seller Desk is simple, seamless and powerful gateway for selling rental portfolios to Greyzdorf BTR LLC. It eliminates the tedious process involved in selling properties. Greyz Seller Desk handles all the property sale procedures and the owner/developers can focus on building their assets without worrying about selling them.

What is in it for developers/owners

  • Enterprise level web application to upload your portfolios for sale
  • Greyzdorf purchases all the properties on its own, eliminating brokers
  • Post sale commissions which removes upfront broker fees and advertising costs
  • Ability to close high-volume deals in quick time of less than 30 days
  • Bank to Bank money transfers on sale completion to ensure seller security
  • Optimised tracking of the sale process in real time
  • Available 24*7 to register and sell properties with no time bounds
  • Seamless and easy to handle UI/UX developed for non-technical people
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