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An Introduction

Greyzdorf Mortgage Exchange

The Greyzdorf BTR LLC Mortgage Exchange is for private mortgage buyers and accredited investors.
The BTR Coin is a stable payment coin created and issued as a collateralized pegged 1:1 to rental communities owned or purchased by Greyzdorf BTR LLC.
For rental community purchasing, the BTR's Coin is backed by an acquisition credit line as qualifying proof of funding.


What makes this BTR exchange different is liquidity.

The BTR Coin can be borrowed against instantly.

The BTR Coin will be backed with real-estate properties.

The BTR Coin (BTR) is not security. It is a DPA or Debt Payable by Asset.

Each BTR Coin is valued at USD 1 and pays a quarterly dividend.

Investors will have an option to sell their Coins for a higher value of 95% – 100%.

Greyz BTR Coin is issued on the stellar blockchain which is compliant & trustable.

How to Join Us

Interested in Providing us Liquidity

The Greyzdorf BTR LLC Mortgage Exchange is also a place for liquidity providers to make money.
The BTR Coin is always backed by property and hence even if the liquidity provider is not making money through trades he can make money through dividends.
Our liquidity pool is robust, stable and most secure in the entire blockchain world.

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