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Greyzdorf Coin Information

Name: Greyzdorf BTR Coin

Total Supply: 18,000,000

Description: What makes this exchange different is liquidity.The BTR Coin can be borrowed against instantly.The BTR Coin can be sold on the Greyzdorf Mortgage Exchange.The BTR Coin (BTR) is not security. It is a DPA or Debt Payable by Asset against specific single-family rental communities in the United States.Each BTR Coin is valued at USD 1 and pays a quarterly dividend.Investors will have an option to sell their Coins for a higher value of 95% to 100% to other buyers subject to additional term and conditions on the exchange.

Conditions: It is only to be used within the Greyzdorf Eco-system which is contributed by a $50 million real estate asset

Image: https://greyzdorf.io/image/copin.png



Display_Decimals: 0

Greyzdorf BTR Coin is based on "stellar" protocol

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