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The current fundraising ecosystem through ICO/IEO is not suitable for projects involving non-blockchain concepts. Also, the exchanges are not allowing the projects with real estate background to be added to funding. The cost for obtaining Securities License is ruining companies across the globe and hence Nodeberry in partnership with Greyzdorf BTR LLC comes up with the idea of the issuance of digitized assets in return for debt instead of investments. Investments backed by properties are considered as securities, not the debts. So we came up with the idea of DPA(Debt Payable Assets) which is a new class of assets where we issue digital tokens in the representation of the debts we owe them.

Digitization of assets provides flexibility & scalability


1. Issuance of a single smart contract based on the Stellar protocol which allows the companies to accommodate as many real estate projects on a single contract and can issue fixed amount of coins in return

2. To build a mortgage exchange to convert those tokens into money instantly.

Assets with Unique Value: We aim at transforming every real-estate asset into a digital Coin with the same smart contract and raise liquidity by offering them to the public mortgage buyers Exchange for the DPA: It also not stops there but will also help other real estate developers to tokenize their assets with our one-click solution & list them on our exchange, we provide the technical support as well as open their doors to new opportunities

Features of the Greyz Mortgage Exchange

1. Exchange the all the assets to fiat & other cryptocurrencies
2. Allows other Real Estate owners to issue their tokens in seconds (We charge for it)
3. Withdrawal of fiat to their banks(For specific countries)
4. Withdrawal & Transfer of Coins to anyone(In seconds assets can be transferred)
5. Issuance of Digital Certificate for the owners of the assets
6. Conversion of assets into cryptocurrencies(BTC,ETH,XRP)
7. Trading Pairs - Properties will be traded to fiat(USD) and this can be converted to Cryptocurrencies in our wallet for international users until we remit to their bank accounts
8. Deposition of funds from banks, credit cards and debit cards for the purchase of assets
9. Fastest Trade engine with electron swap trades
10. New interface for the real-estate asset(Not similar to conventional trading interfaces)
11. Improved user experience & seamless trading of assets


Since the application will be built with the idea of scaling up in the future, so we will implement the backend in such a way that it is compatible with building a mobile application. Hence once the web app is released all these features will be implemented in a mobile application compatible with android and iOS thus making real-estate reach a new angle of perspective.

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