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The uniqueness of Greyzdorf is that it is backed by real physical assets. The BTR coin is created by the firm and later it is issued as a collateralized BTR coin. The collateralized Greyzdorf BTR coin is pegged 1:1 to a physical asset and can always be borrowed against or sold in place of the BTR coin.


To those investors who are new to this market field and to the ones who do not have a clear idea about pegging, here is what it is. A coin is said to be pegged if its value is maintained at a fixed exchange rate to the U.S dollar or sometimes the gold price. It can also refer to the practice of manipulating the price of an underlying asset, like a commodity.


Greyzdorf BTR is always the buyer and property manager. Thus, the exchange is facilitated in such a way that the sellers can sell their properties to Greyzdorf BTR. Greyzdorf BTR then offers the stabilized BTR coin to the investors and the mortgage buyers on our exchange platform. Though the Greyzdorf BTR has pegged the BTR coin to the real assets, we do not consider it as securities. It is merely considered as a loan and the investors are considered as lenders.


Here is a convincing reason that engages the investors to buy the private mortgage,i.e. Greyzdorf BTR coin. These lenders can sell off their debt at a higher value for mortgage buyers on Greyzdorf exchange and this makes Greyzdorf BTR, the world's first platform to enhance the exchange of one real estate property with another. As mentioned above, the lenders will be provided with an option to sell their Greyzdorf BTR coins for a higher value of 95% to 100% to other mortgage buyers subjected to additional terms and conditions on the exchange.

Greyzdorf BTR Coin Explained
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