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1. Have you ever thought of savings or investments that are more beneficial than bank deposits?
2. What if you could make a constant income with small investment?
3. What if your investment in virtual tokens earns you dividends?
4. What if there is someone whom you can trust to ensure that your digital shares will be compliant?

All these questions have an answer in common and it is Greyzdorf BTR

Income the Priority

As an investor, you would always expect a high and a constant source of income that does not involve any withdrawal constraints and almost safe in all possible aspects. Greyzdorf is here to provide you a source of income that can be more beneficial than the bank deposits. Greyzdorf can give you a third party income that is more reliable.


The purchase of Greyzdorf BTR tokens is undoubtedly a better way of an investment than the share markets. It would minimally take a year or two to gain a marginal profit out of your investment in shares. The stability of shares is even unpredictable.For your notice that Greyzdorf BTR tokens are stabilized tokens and it costs $1.Every single dollar you invest is unquestionably going to bring you something at the beginning of every month.

Tokenization of Real Estate by Greyzdorf

Real estate tokenization makes you represent an ownership interest in a real estate property with a token. The token can represent equity in the asset and a stream of income. For people, real estate has never been a mainstream investment as it involves a lot of intermediaries. A physical real estate investment would always involve cross border restrictions, delays, and excessive paperwork. Tokenization is always been a better solution for real estate investment, by making it digital and simple. In addition to tokenization, Greyzdorf has also made use of smart contracts which will bring out the efficiency needed to overcome the traditional market shortfalls. Real estate investors and developers are actively looking for something new to reduce such delay elements and we hope that together with Greyzdorf we can help resolve all of those issues.

Tokens on Blockchain

Greyzdorf has understood the need for the global market and thereby came out with the application of blockchain. The tokens on blockchain hold digital ownership certificate. Each Greyzdorf btr token represents a share in the Greyzdorf property. The initial barriers in real estate investment are the liquidity and intermediaries in the local market.These can be solved through the application of blockchain.

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