About Greyzdorf BTR

We're determined to drive real-estate more seamless and faster by harnessing technology to enhance cross-border investments and seamless property selling procedures

Our story

Greyzdorf BTR LLC is the technical wing of Greyzdorf.

Greyzdorf constructs and purchases single-family rental communities in high-growth markets, where new household formations and declining starter home inventories create favorable demand.

Greyzdorf BTR LLC is a technical as well as property management company which carries out extensive research on the incorporation of cutting edge technology into asset management and cross-border real-estate financial instruments.

Greyzdorf LLC comprises of executives, including an Attorney and former CPA with over 45 years of experience providing strategic guidance and leadership. Our executives have a wider-range of expertise & experience in property management and information technology.

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We believe that everything on the Earth is changing at a faster rate than ever. We are constantly focusing on innovation. We believe in simple and seamless procedures. We strive to own, develop and control the primary products that give us self-reliant operations in the real-estate space.


Greyzdorf develops Greyz seller desk, GreyzEx, Greyz OTC Desk. Greyzdorf leads innovation in the real estate industry through better financial and technical innovations. We're looking to reinvent people's attitude towards real-estate investments and is defining the future of asset-backed securities

Why choose us

We have everything from experience to innovation

Experienced Team

Our executives have 175 years of collective experience in the development and operation of nearly $54 billion in real estate projects

Leveraging blockchain

Greyz Exchange and OTC desks are powered by blockchain, the tamper-proof distributed ledger technology to provide more transparency and security

Quick Settlements

We are steadily moving towards a self-reliant payment eco-system powered by blockchain to process and move value across borders in no time

Wide industry verticals

Greyzdorf integrates finance, real-estate and technology

Ease to learn & use

Our applications are easy to use and onboard

Helpdesk & Support

Our support staff are available whenever you need them
Unlock the digital real-estate world and begin your transformation